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Arctic Air AR49 54” Refrigerator Review

by cookware Lab

Refrigeration is a very important part of food preparation, cooking, food preservation, and overall kitchen work. Food is a diminishing type of object. You need proper refrigeration to keep your food items preserved. In terms of commercial use, this goes with even more importance. In any restaurant, meat processing plant, pastry shop or any type of business that works with food, good refrigeration can be the difference between a successful business and a disaster.

So if you want a very capable commercial refrigerator we might want to look at some convenient models that get the job done. Today we will look at one such option in the capable Arctic Air AR49 54” version. We will talk about the absolute basics of the fridge along with some features. We will round up with pros and cons so you can have a very good idea about your choices.

Arctic Air AR49 basic features

Arctic Air is a brand that is known for its multi-use refrigerators. Arctic Air makes not only consumer options but also commercial refrigerators. So their understanding of refrigeration is quite sound in many ways. Arctic Air AR49 has some main features which are:

  • 54” in size
  • Two glass door reach
  • 2 doors and 6 shelves
  • 33DF to 41DF temperature settings
  • Stainless Steel body

Distinguishing Features

Great Space
The Refrigerator is great for space and storing a high volume of food. The overall size of the refrigerator ensures a whole lot of storage. The 6 shelves also reinforce the idea of high storage options.

Refrigeration technology
The proper commercial fridges have industry-standard mechanisms. The Arctic Air AR49 is tested for NFS 7 requirements and there are also high output fans that reach all the nooks and crannies. So the proper amount of refrigeration features is there.

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Production quality
Arctic air has been very much acknowledged as having great production quality. The machines are packaged and tested well ahead of shipping to distributors. They also have a 5-year compressor and 1-year parts full warranty.

Pros and Cons

  • Great space and storage options
  • Industry standard freezing techniques
  • Parts and warranty back up
  • Selling and distribution helps with the performance


  • A bit expensive but with the power behind it that is somewhat reasonable
  • Not a good option for smaller stores

The Arctic Air is a very good manufacturer for commercial fridges and the AR49 model proves that. It’s a very good option for a large volume of food and for bigger stores. There are more than enough features to back that claim up.

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