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Best Kitchen Accessories – Should I Buy ?

by cookware Lab

Every kitchen needs beautiful yet practical accessories in which to help you cook, prepare your food, store your cookware and entertain guests. Kitchen accessories should be bold, beautiful and express your personality and personal tastes.

Best Kitchen Accessories:

Whether this be intricate Indian cookware, beautiful fondue sets or simply somewhere to hang your pots and pans, below we briefly review 5 of the best kitchen accessories that are currently on the market.

Indian Centerpiece Copper Tableware Tava Karahi Handi Donga Balti Spoons Set

best kitchen accessoriesThis elegant cooper and stainless steel 9 piece tableware set will serve 2 to 3 people. It is designed to be used as a centerpiece for your table. Aimed at serving Indian food, the set comprises of 4 serving spoons; one tava that is designed to serve dry vegetables; a Karashi that is for serving curry; a dinga for serving chapattis and a handi for holding rice. There is also an 800 ml bucket that is perfect for serving lentils.


Some of its features included

  • Beautifully presented tableware
  • Hard wearing copper and stainless steel construction
  • Perfect for serving Indian food
  • Will make a lovely gift for a loved one
  • Copper does not come into contact with food, so is perfectly safe
  • Creates the perfect scene for the Indian dining experience
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Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack

best kitchen accessoriesNatural wood and cast aluminium are combined to form this stunning yet visual pot rack. Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, its cast iron construction provides strength with a visually stunning yet practical accessory to house all of your pots and pans. With over 26 different types of hooks; from S hooks to Swivel hooks, all of your pots and pans can be safely hung. This pot rack ultimately frees up storage space in your kitchen and provides a beautiful focal point.




Some of its features included

  • Ultra modern looking to blend in with kitchen decor
  • Wide range of hooks to support all pots and pans
  • Easy to install
  • Wooden frame is natural looking and durable
  • Extra hooks are available to buy separately

Calphalon Kitchen Set

best kitchen accessoriesThis kitchen set by Calphalon, features an impressive aluminium 6 quart pan with a stainless steel cover. The heavy gague material is a good conductor of heat and thoroughly cooks food quickly. You also get 2 cookbooks from the Food Network, as well as a wooden spoon, dish towel, pot holder and handwash. This set would make an ideal gift for a loved one or for use in your own home. You get a practical and hard wearing pan with useful accessories.



Some of its features included

  • Cast aluminium 6 quart pan
  • Pan cooks quickly and efficiently
  • 2 practical cookbooks
  • A wonderful addition to any cookware set
  • A practical wooden spoon made from beech wood

 Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper Fondue Set

best kitchen accessoriesEveryone loves fondue and every home should have a fondue set. They are fun to use, yet create a practicaland easy meal or sweet treat as part of an evening entertaining. This stunning copper fondue set features a white ceramic removable insert, a burner and 6 fondue forks. It comes complete with a splatter guard and is quick and easy to assemble, and even quicker to use. It is ideal for both chocolate and cheese fondue, and for those nights when entertaining guest.

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Some of its features included

  • Beautiful copper construction
  • Removable ceramic insert
  • Serves 6 people so fantastic for entertaining
  • Splatter guard included
  • Ideal for chocolate and cheese fondue

 Englewood Marketing Group FPS200 SS Fondue Pot

best kitchen accessoriesThis fondue set is made from stainless steel although food does not come into contact with the stainless steel as here is a removable inner pot into which to place food. You are able to control the temperature of the burner to ensure that food will melt, and then not burn. The set features 6 fondue forks that are color coded so that you use the fight one each time. The forks also feature stay cool handles which is useful if they are left unattended in the fondue for long periods of time.


Some of its features included

  • Burner has adjustable temperature control
  • Color coded forks
  • 6 fondue forks included
  • Presented in beautiful stainless steel
  • Removable inner pot

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