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Best Lid Lifters – Should I Buy?

by cookware Lab

Kitchen gadgets are sometimes really important when it comes down to safety when cooking at home and outdoes. One such gadget is that of the lid lifter. What the lid lifter does is to safely remove hot lids without the need for you to touch them. This helps to prevent unnecessary scalds and burns.

Best Lid Lifters:

Below we have reviewed five of the very best lid lifters that are currently on the market.

Stansport Lid Lifter

best lid liftersThis lid lifter by Stan sport is made from durable steel. It is easy to grip and is recommended to fit most slotted pan lids. The lid lifter measures 15 inches so is a good size, helping to maintain safety when lifting the lid. This pan lid lifter is ideally suited to cooking outdoors and can be easily packed away and transported when camping. It is also ideal for when using Dutch ovens, as it will help to prevent burns and scalds from having to touch hot pan lids.


Some of its features included

* Made from durable steel

* 15 inches in length

* Suitable for use on most slotted lids

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* Prevents scalds and other injury

* Perfect size for when camping


VICTORIO VKP1110 Magnetic Canning Lid Lifter and Bubble Remover

best lid liftersThis lid lifter works by the use of a strong magnet. When you need to remove the lid from a hot can that has just been sterilized, then this gadget will do so easily for you. The magnet will attach itself to the lid and then easily remove it. So there is no need for you to touch the lid with the risk of getting burnt. If you do a lot of home canning then the dual purpose of removing air bubbles will also be helpful. The blunt end is used to compress the food and to remove bubbles. This helps to better preserve your food.


Some of its features included

* Magnetic end will lift and remove hot canned lids

* The flat tool helps to remove build up of bubbles

* Measures 10 inches in length

* Perfect gadget for the home canner

* Prevents burns as you do not need to touch hot lid

Camp Chef 22-Inch Professional Style Cast Iron Lid Lifter

best lid liftersThis professional lid lifter is ideal for use with Dutch ovens. Using the lid lifter removes the need to use your hands, preventing burns and scalds. The lid lifter also removes the need for a pot holder. Safe and easy to use, your Dutch oven can be transported safely to the table ready to serve food. It is strong and durable and will withstand the tough heat from a campfire. The long length also means that it will fit any type and size of pot lid.

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Some of its features included

* Measures 22 inches in length

* Suitable for Dutch ovens

* Strong and durable

* Professional chef quality

* Easy to use

Lodge A5 Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

best lid liftersThis practical lid lifter is perfect for use in a camp Dutch oven. Measuring 15 inches in length, it will fit most sizes of pot or pan. Made from toughened steel, it can easily withstand high temperatures. The lid lifter makes easy work of lifting the Dutch oven straight from the fire to your table, ready to serve food. It is ideal for camping, lightweight and easy to transport and is in an attractive black color.

Some of its features included

* Made from heavy duty and toughened steel

* Measures 15 inches in length

* Practical black color

* For use with Dutch ovens

* Ideal to use when camping

Lodge A5DLL Deluxe Lid Lifter

best lid liftersThis pan lid lifter from Lodge is made from toughened steel, so is incredibly durable and suited to high temperatures, such as camp Dutch ovens. The easy grip handles make lifting lids that little bit easier. The lid lifter can be used to lift lids, rotate lids and pans as well as transporting the Dutch oven to the table. The lid lifter is presented in an attractive black finish.


Some of its features included

* Made from heavy duty steel

* Easy grip and soft handles

* 16 inches long

* Can lift and rotate pan lids

* Will fit all Lodge pan lids

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