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Cuisinart MCP117-16BR MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack Review

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Meat remains as a versatile food ingredient in our lives. Meat is chock full of many varying amounts of protein, vitamins, and other components to build up our body mass and ensure our health. The meat was also the primitive man’s main source of sustenance. So man and meat go a long way back. Another very essential thing that meat provides is the taste element. We are drawn forever to the irresistible taste of many types of meat. Turkey meat is a delicacy in that regard. Turkey is also a very important component of our culture as well. Many festivals around the world have turkey as the centerpiece of the dinners.

Turkey roast stands as the star attraction of festival dinners. But one other thing to note is that it is also a tough process to prepare a turkey. While turkey is very tasty meat, it’s meat textures are hard to get for newcomers. It takes a whole slew of preparations, marinating and other types of processes. There is also the matter of getting the position of the turkey into proper place so that the meat is cooked the whole way through. That is why the roaster rack is such a pivotal piece of cookware for your kitchen. So today we bring one such roasting rack to your knowledge. This is named Cuisinart MCP117-16BR MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack. We will discuss the characteristics, pros, and cons.


Size and Build
The rack is basically something that holds an object in place at a certain height. Now the turkey roast rack is a special one at that. In order to bake the perfect turkey, you need it to be in a certain placement in order for the oven heat to seep into the meat. And the proper dimensions ensure that the meat is cooked all the way through. The whole length of the rack is 20.8 inches which include the 16-inch roasting surface and handles. This dimension is more than enough to house a turkey. It also allows you to experiment with other meat sizes. Nonetheless, it is a perfect size at which you can roast the turkey properly.

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The utility of a rack is plain and simple. As described above, holding the meat in place inside the oven is a pretty important task in terms of cooking the dish the whole way through. The build of the rack ensures that the turkey is cooked to the demand of the taste of individuals, depending on the type of taste they prefer. The construction of the rack is a stainless triple-ply type. So it provides proper support for different weights of components put on top of the rack. Beneath the rack, there is a wide sized oil drip container. It is larger than the rack itself. So it collects all the drippings and residue from the cook. This ensures that the oven surface is clean.

The rack is comparatively easy to handle and use. It is as simple as putting one thing on top of the other. It is made of stainless steel all the way through. So it is very much safe from adverse heat effects within the oven. The oven’s varying heat will not lead to any damage of bending of any sort. Because of the stainless steel component, it is also safe to wash. You can expose the rack to any level of water and it will not get any rust of any sort. It also has been tested to be dishwasher safe. So you can use your dishwasher to clean the rack.

Size and dimensions are appropriate for cooking
The construction allows for appropriate heat to pass-through
Easy to operate
Easy to clean

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Linear use, might not be ideal for occasional use
Proven to only properly cook a turkey, so unsure of results on other types of meat.

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