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Mr Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel 15-inch Oval Roaster

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Our food preparation can be of many types. For lunch, dinner, breakfast, and cravings, there is a whole range of types of food. Meat is one type of food that is close to our hearts. And we like to eat different types of meat. Chicken, beef, venison, lamb and more types of meat can be transformed into many dishes. Each of the dishes can be of different types of cooking processes. The one process that is favored by many is the roasted meats. The roasted meat has been a constant presence in many of our celebrations and special meals.

The roasting process may be complicated in execution. Roasting is quite different from frying. There is a distinct number of temperatures that you need to achieve to get the best textures from the different types of meat. So you need a very distinct cookware item that you can use to get the perfect textures and the colors of the meat. There are quite a lot of roasters in the market in the current time. The oval Roaster is quite a popular option for roasting processes. Today we will take a look at one such Oval Roaster. The Roaster in question is Mr. Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel 15-inch Oval Roaster. The discussion will look at the specs, Pros, and Cons.

Key Features

Cooking Build and Structure
The Roaster has a Stainless steel surface for the whole Roaster. This means that the surface can take the heat and continuous water exposure and can cook at a high level for a long time. The large oval shape is quite an advantage. The form makes it easy for the chicken and large pieces of meat to be placed within the Roaster easily. The handles are also stainless steel, so it makes handling the meat and prepared foods easy.

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Heating and Performance
Roasting is always related to the balance of temperature. The cooking surface of this oval Roaster is stainless steel and helps to transport the heat of the water to the roasted meat quite easily. The triple-ply surface and body build helps to make the heat spread out more evenly. So you can get the food ready in time without worrying about the amount of heating it needs.

Use and Flexibility
The Roaster is quite an easy one to use. The rack in the middle makes it easy for the meat to be held in place. This also lets the heat circulate and reach various parts of the meat. The Roaster is also dipping free and there are fewer chances of mess. The stainless steel also makes it very easy to clean. The Roaster can be used in electric, gas, ceramic, induction and even glass stoves.


  • Good build
  • Sturdy material
  • Heat transmission
  • Good performance


  • The shape may not be for everyone
  • Oily meats might be difficult to clean

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