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Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender Review

by cookware Lab
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Everyone loves a nice refreshing fruit drink. A refreshing liquid after a hard day’s work, after a morning workout or just the craving of having fresh fruit juice, is justified duly. This is one food habit that has the minimum amount of damage to your body. It’s a hassle and might be annoying to look for fruit bars here and there for your fruit juice needs. So having something to whip up the drink at your home is your best possible course of action.

Now whenever juice comes to the forefront everybody thinks about the blender. The blender is an essential part of your kitchen. If you are a juice buff then not having an efficient blender is kind of disappointing, because you should have one. You need some great options for your blender choices. This blender has to tick all your boxes for your juicing and shredding needs, for food preparation, of course. So today we will look at one such blender. This blender is the Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender. Let’s break down basic features, pros, and cons.


Power And Performance
Everyone associates blenders with their cutting and shredding. But we can not negate the power behind the cutting. The Ninja professional blender has 1000 watts of power behind it. It can blend, shred, cut and juice 60 ounces of liquid very easily in one go. The sleek design also ensures that the performance and power look cool and professional as the name suggests.

Now let’s look at the part that we all look at while blending. Ninja gives you the blades in total crushing technology. In various forms of blending you need very clear liquid without any lumps in ice nor in the fruits and veggies. The total crush tech gives you a great performance which is backed up by six distinct and sharp blades on the bottom. You can crush ice, blend, puree and process ice & frozen food in a small amount of time. The multiple blades also mean that you blend the components smoother.

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Ice processing
The Ice in your smoothie must be very smooth. Ice can be quite a nuisance when you are making these types of drinks. Ice doesn’t budge easily. But the Ninja professional makes ice as clear and as smooth as snow. You get the best juice bar level of ice drinks with the Ninja professional.

A perfect jar
The jar in a blender is an important function. You need a good size to back up your juicing needs. Most blenders have a less than a stellar jar and sometimes the juice spillover. But the 72 oz size makes it quite convenient for juice prep.


  • Great power
  • Ice processing is immaculate
  • Six blades enhance crushing power
  • Spacious and sleek jar


  • Pulp lovers might not get any lumps because of the excessive blending
  • Might be power consuming
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