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Picnic at Ascot CB40 Patented Bamboo Cheese/Charcuterie Board

by cookware Lab

Preservation is a significant part of the food. Like every good thing, food also has a shelf life. At one point in time, all types of food start to decay, and rotten food is not edible. Rotten food smells quite foul and damages our senses quite a lot. So preserving foods is a significant part of our health. At one point in time, all types of food perish. So it is quite a good idea to use food items and eat them in time. But the rule of decomposition is not the same for every type of food. Some foods get rotten earlier than others.

Lactose or dairy-related foods are some of the easily perishable foods. Dairy foods always have to be preserved in a way that suits their ingredients. Milk and dairy products each need different types of preservation techniques. Cheese is one of the prime problematic foods that perish quickly. Cheese also can create quite a bad smell. It would help if you preserved cheese in such a way that such a problem never arises. There are bamboo boards for preserving cheese. So today, we will see one board named Picnic at Ascot CB40 Patented Bamboo Cheese/Charcuterie Board. This discussion consists of Features, Pros, and, Cons.

Key Features

As the board is used to keep the cheese, so you need a very well compiled set of options for storing the cheese. This board is made of bamboo and has quite a lot of layers within it. There are various storage compartments. There are multiple sizes of drawers. In this cheese and other types of food can be kept very quickly. On top of this, there is a special compartment for holding the cheese cutter knife.

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The bamboo board is organic made preserving tool. Each of its layers is made with bamboo, and some parts have wood. In it. So it might break or might be damaged because of mishandling. But there is a warranty that helps you be assured of high quality. The confidence of the makers is such that they have placed a lifetime warranty on the board.

It is quite a great gift to give for Christmas, housewarming, marriage gift, and more. It works as a great gift, and the craftsmanship can impress close ones as a gift it works great. The board can also preserve cheese and other spice type products as well.


  • Good compartments
  • Great space
  • Warranty
  • Great gift


  • A novelty Item
  • There are other forms of preservation

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