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Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill review

by cookware Lab

Grilled foods have been a delight to the tastebuds all throughout our collective life. Our mouths water when we can see that our burger patties, steaks, and BBQ meat is being fried on the grill. That makes the grill a must have among our kitchen equipment. But grilling is a great act of balance. You can’t really overcook or undercook it. The quality of meat has to be correct. And what about other food rather than Pure meaty protein? So landing on a perfect grill might take you some digging.

So, you need a reference point for grills to check out. The price is also an issue. So today we will look at the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill. We will look at the distinct and general features of the Grill to lay out a vision for you. Afterward, we will look at the pros and cons of the grill to give you a better idea about it.

Flavor Conscious
Flavors are the main part of any food or delicacy. That is most evident for grilled food. If your grilled steak or BBQ loses its flavors midway through the cook then that defeats all purpose of the cook. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill ensures that your grilled food keeps all the flavor in. It locks in all the juices in the food to keep the flavors locked in.

All Year Grilling
As this is an indoor grill and it has multiple temperature settings it lets you have grilled food all year round. With changing weather and conditions it might get very difficult to provide grilled foods. But the Indoor grill with the hood added on is a much important factor for keeping the outside temperature out of contention while grilling the foods. This helps in making the food accessible all year round.

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When you talk about grilling, the mess from oil always creeps into your mind. The dripping, sloppy oily grill interiors make us groan with the displeasure of cleaning the damn thing! But the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill lets your worries about mess subside. It has removable trays, hoods, and plate which are easy to clean. The drip tray catches all the oily stuff so your kitchen counter is always spotless.

Grilled foods always invoke protein-heavy meat items in our minds. But meat is not the only food item that can be grilled. There are fish, pizzas, vegetables, fruit items. It also gets Keto and Paleo diets done for your health needs.


  • All year grilled items
  • Can grill other types of food rather than meat
  • Anti messy
  • Keeps all the flavors locked in


  • It’s tough to cook in freezing temperatures no matter how state of the art heating it has
  • As it is an Indoor grill then its smaller than other grills, the quantity of food grilled at one time might not be enough.

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