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Sassafras Superstone Covered Baker

by cookware Lab

Baking has a soft spot within every member of the family. We love our baked items. Baked items are favored by young and old alike. The preparation of the baked items is also enjoyed by many. One thing people have to realize is that baking requires a special level of effort. This is undoubtedly more than any type of roasted, fried, boiled, cooked items. Baked items also need special items, ingredients, and processes. One misstep can mean that the whole dish might be ruined. On top of this, the preparation of baked items goes through many levels and processes.

Baking also requires a certain amount of utensils for preparation. Making batter, using pins, the mashing of eggs and other work related to baking has to be done quite efficiently. You also need special appliances to make sure the actual baking work is done properly. Most of the time, ovens are used for baking something. But other appliances can work as a baker’s appliance. On such an appliance is the baker. Now we will look at one such baker. Its name is Sassafras Superstone Covered Baker. Let’s look at some of the distinguishing features with pros and cons.

Key Features

The baker works as a perfect oven in the form of a covered baker. It can provide the same amount of heat and overall performance. It is also very convenient to carry around. Its heat specification is straightforward to control. You can use this to bake a whole lot of items. Because it can imitate an oven, this makes it very easy to bake any deserts fast and without hassle.

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As the baker can control the heat, it can also distribute the heat properly. This can mean evenly cut crusts and caramelization. The bread, biscuits, cakes and other pastry items can quickly be baked within time. You can bake many things using this baker. Loaf, cakes, baked potatoes are some of them. The baked potatoes can have crispy skin using the baker.

Easy use
The baker is considerably easy to use. The red transparent cover is also aesthetically pleasing. The cover also has layers, and they are very easy to remove. The baker can be carried and stored very easily. It is safe to use from both convention Oven and Microwave Oven.


  • Easy to use
  • Good Temperature Control
  • Variety in items


  • Not suitable for ingredient-heavy dishes
  • Might be power consuming

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