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NutriChef Portable Electric Hot Plate

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Food is vital for our well-being. It gives us the energy to keep working and keep ourselves active throughout the day. That is why we give food its due respect. Many types of food have many different processes of preparation. Each type of food needs a specific environment to prepare. The most significant times of food are usually lunch, dinner or supper. Apart from breakfast, these are the principle meals of the day. If you want to preserve the proper state of serving, the prepared food needs to be at the appropriate temperature. We mostly prefer our food to be at a certain temperature in the high regions.

We usually cook our food and bring food to our tables for serving. But the preparation and serving have some differences. During the preparation, there is always heat, as the food is prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen has heating arrangements throughout. The stove, cooker, and other appliances are used to make the food. When you take the food out, it is warm. But once you bring the food to the table, the food starts getting cold. So you can’t preserve the heat. But with portable electric hot plates, you can. We will now talk about one such hot plate. The product we will talk about is NutriChef Portable Electric Hot Plate. Let’s look at the features, pros, and cons of this hot plate.

Key Features

Temperature Control
The main function of a hot plate such as this is to keep the food warm. The NutriChef hot plate provides thorough and continuous heat on the food. The food is kept warm and serve ready. The 203 degrees Fahrenheit heating limit makes it very easy to keep any food warm. You can alternate and change heating specifications as you wish. You can use it for baked items and casserole dishes. The hot plate is straightforward to use, and you can use it for parties, picnics, and banquets.

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The size of the hot plate is very convenient. You can keep three large dishes on top of it at a time. The dishes are heated equally with the conventional heating specifications. Also, the size makes it easy to carry and store. So warming for outdoor picnic parties is easy to do with the Nutrichef hot plate. The tempered glass is non-sticky and can easily be cleaned.

The warming of the foods is quite efficient. The hot plate surface can emit heat up to 95 degrees Celcius. The heating configuration makes it easy for food to be equally kept warm and ready for serving. The 240-watt dish heater is quite an energy-efficient addition. It is also quite safe to use for the heat resistant containers in the kitchen.


  • Even heating for all the food
  • Easy to clean
  • Good heating configuration
  • Energy-saving.


  • Size not appropriate for commercial use
  • Not suitable for all types of food.

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