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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 Review

by cookware Lab

Coffee or tea is a staple of our daily routine. For some, it is difficult to imagine our day without a cup of coffee in our hands. Coffee is a regular occurrence every morning before going out to work and after having our breakfast. It also accompanies us when we feel stressed about work. We also sometimes feel bored, sleepy and out of any hint of working energy. Then coffee always seems to wake us up no matter how deep our point of stupor was. Coffee or tea has been working as a blessing and frees us from tiring periods within our day. But the temperature of the coffee or tea is a vital part of the process that might be lost.

Now there are coffee makers, teapots and flasks that might give the tea its heat or preserve it. But in most cases, it is quite a tough ask to make it stay in one type of temperature for a long time. Now we are going to talk about one type of kitchen gadget that might change your perception of heat preservation of tea or coffee. The product in question is a smart mug. Now smart mug is a personalized item. It can be used by one individual. It keeps coffee warm without having to take out the coffee. The product we are talking about today is the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2. As the name suggests it is a sequel of sorts of a previous product. But we will talk about the features, pros, and cons of the latest iteration.

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Smart Specs
The smart is in the name and so it also has smart features. The general mug is at a size where normally control buttons can’t be placed that well. So it seems it might be problematic for users to adjust the heat or control any processes. But unlike other appliances, The ember mug is app-controlled. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple app store. You can adjust temperatures, receive notifications about the coffee heating as well as have presets customized. There is also an auto-sleep mode. The mug will automatically turn off if there is no activity for some time. But if there is an activity it will turn back on without any tinkering.

Long battery
The battery of the mug is an important part of coffee heating. You might think that it is associated with the fact of how much time the mug can give power. Actually it is tied to how much heat it can produce. The smart mug has long battery life. It does not require much power after a single charge per day. But it gives a maximized output once the charge is done. You can keep the drink heated up to a maximum of 1.5 hours. There are also varying temperature settings that you can use to keep your hot drink warm according to your convenient temperature. The temperatures being 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safety of use
The smart mug might sound a bit weird. How does an electric appliance with a cell battery interact with liquid? But actually it is safe to use. The liquid stays inside and it is safe to move around and easy to operate. The washing and cleaning is easy as well. You can submerge the smart mug into water. The mug won’t malfunction or cease to function because it has an IPX7 waterproof certification.

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  • Smart controls
  • The app makes it easy to manage heat
  • Power conservation is very convenient
  • The long battery helps the drink stay hot for a long time


  • Not a family product, only one person can use it
  • Those who are not tech-savvy might have problems with operating the mug.

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