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Gourmia GFD1680 Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator

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Food is one of the essential parts of our anatomy. This is one part of our biology that we cannot ignore. Even unintelligent beings such as animals go out to get food for sustenance. As human beings, we have more of an educated interest in food. We can pick and choose what we eat. As humans, we have figured out which food types benefit us the most. This is how we have been able to survive for such a long period of time as the dominant species on earth. As time rolls on, we are finding new ways to prepare and preserve food.

Hydration in food is an alarming problem. The water in food items such as fruit and vegetables can render them rotten or inedible at times. On top of this, the moisture in the food items means many types of bacteria and germs can be born. These become persistent even after cleaning the items in question. So hydration for food is dangerous for many reasons. You need to control the parts of hydration properly. Now there are so many appliances for keeping food safe and secure. Food dehydrators are quite handy appliances. So today we will talk about the features, pros, and cons of Gourmia GFD1680 Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator.

Key Features

The hydration is designed as a mini-fridge of sorts. It locks in the needed moisture in the food item and makes sure it stays dehydrated for a long while. This locks in the healthy nutrients within the food and keeps out the unwanted germs. So the build has to support these functions. The Gourmia dehydrator has six trays that hold fruits and other items quite well. The transparent door also helps to see the hydration process.

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The hydration of the Gourmia dehydrator goes into great lengths to make sure your food items are free of unwanted hydration. The all-around 360-degree dehydration keeps moisture away from every side. It also helps to keep the food dry to an optimum level making sure that it doesn’t get heated to a crisp. The hydration system is certified by ETL and free from BPA. So you can be assured of safe food items.

Health benefits
The majesty of a dehydrator lies in the health benefits. The proper hydration is locked in with the Gourmia dehydrator. So you get the proper nutrients intact within the food. The processed foods from the store mean that the hydration stays within the food and makes it easy for germs to attack your body. On top of this, dehydrated foods have the proper healthy nutrients to help your metabolism.


  • Good build
  • A high number of trays
  • 360-degree dehydration
  • Health benefits


  • Can dehydrate small chunks of food
  • Storage might be an issue

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