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Food is not cooked out of thin air. A lot of things go into prepare food. The ingredients have to be washed and put through a stringent process of transformation. This is where the nature produced element is processed into a position to make a dish. Vegetables go through the most drastic of transformations. The colorful veggies are made into brown and fried versions of their previous selves. But vegetables also need to be cut, sliced, shredded and shaped into proper sizes for the recipes to have the proper effect.

Now the proper slicing-dicing and shaping of vegetables can’t be properly done on hand. That is why there are so many gadgets to make sure that vegetables are cut in proper shapes and sizes. These gadgets are the best friends of chefs, homemakers, and individuals. So in the crowd of great gadgets, today we bring you a combination of grinder slicer shredder. This product is from Homedox. We will focus on the distinguishing characteristics of the combo, and then give pros and cons for the product.


Variety of Food
A slicer is a very intricate type of kitchen appliance. The blades are placed in such form that it makes it convenient to make a whole lot of slices and shapes. These help to prepare foods of different types. Desert, tacos, pizzas, salads, soup elements and more can be prepared using the machine. Moreover, the type of grating apparatus included with the machine is properly designed to provide the right cuts and slices to use in a variety of food types.

Power and Efficiency
An electricity-powered machine is usually bought because it provides more power than the hand-powered or manual type of machines. So the machine in question also provides appropriate power options. The motor that powers this one gives a 150-watt power boost. This amount of power lets it slice and shape vegetables of the toughest textures. It also makes it possible to cut through nuts, chocolates, crackers, and bread. So all types of food ingredients can be prepared using a slicer/salad maker/shredder combo.

Convenience of Use
As mentioned above this combo machine comes with a host of cones alongside. There are grating cones for coarse and fine ingredients. There is a grinder cone as well. There are two other slicing cones for thin and thick slices. So most types of food preparation are covered with these cones. It also helps that this machine gets things done with one button. No matter what type of slicing you need, you can do it all with just by pressing one button. The base of the machine is easy to wipe clean and it is also dishwasher friendly.


  • Can be used in most types of food preparation
  • Slices, grinds, and grates even the toughest ingredients
  • 4 types of cones give various textures for you
  • Powerful motor boosts work


  • Control is one dimensional, no variations
  • Setting up might be a hassle for some

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