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GreenLife CC002377-001 Soft Grip Set

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A kitchen is a significant part of the house. It represents the place where you make your food to sustain you and your family. So the primary source of your life energy begins in the Kitchen. Your Kitchen should have a well-rounded set of tools you can utilize to cook your food correctly. Pans, pots, fryer pots, and other utensils are some of the essential tools in your Kitchen. Another part of cookware is the matter of how the overall grip is. This is because we need to transport our food from oven to a certain position, and if we mess up or fumble, the whole recipe may be ruined. That is why you need a soft grip utensil to prepare your food smoothly.

So you have to look for easy to handle and easy to use set of tools for your Kitchen. Now the frying pan or frying related utensils need this ease more than ever. The oily nature of components in our cooking material means that we have to keep our grip on the tools as firm as possible. On top of this, heat and temperature is also a matter. The material also has to have proper protection against damages. This should include all amounts to a smooth and easy cooking experience. So we will look at one such utensil set today. Its name is GreenLife CC002377-001 Soft Grip Set. We will see what defining features it has, some pros and cons along with it.

Key Features

Proper material
The flexible use and performance of a product depend on the material used to make it. If you have a set of frying pans and utensils, you have to make sure you get the ones that have proper temperature balance. This set gives importance to that problem. The Thermolon ceramic is a safe and secure material that does not exhume harmful fumes. The aluminum enforced body can handle most of the harsh temperatures of your many recipes.

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A good set
A very well composed set of utensils should cover the basics it usually focuses on. It’s not really worth buying a set of products if you don’t have the essentials in check. In the case of frying pan and utensils, the set should cover most of the cooking options. The GreenLife set does this fairly well. It has a mini frying pan, 2 sizes of the open frying pan, covered saucepans, Covered stockpot, saute pan, steamer, and kitchen utensils. So it covers a good set of utilities.

The set is built and designed in such a way that you get great uses. You can cover various cooking methods. Frying, steaming, saute, and many many other types of preparation can be done with the set of pans this has. Also, the ceramic material makes it easy to prepare foods requiring any temperature. The grip is also very well placed, so handling seems easier. The pans are dishwasher friendly and help to clean properly.


  • Good material
  • Utility-based design
  • Covers most bases
  • Can prepare a lot of food types


  • Ceramic might nor be good for curry items
  • There is no Puree based utensil

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