Large Kitchen Combo Set. This 83 piece kitchen starter set has everything you need. Stainless steel cookware, dinnerware, flatware, storage containers and gadgets for stirring, flipping and chopping Review

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A kitchen needs a lot of utensils and items. From food preparation, cooking, serving; there is a whole set of items a kitchen needs. If you fall short of getting that one item you need you might have to drag yourself in front of the monitor or worse, go to the store. So it’s a nice thought to buy most of what you need in one fell swoop rather than spending a whole afternoon rummaging through the depths of’s kitchenware category. You are in for a sigh of relief as Amazon has such sets.

The Gibson large Kitchen set is one such set and the focus of our discussion today. You will see the contents of the kitchen set, the features and quality, the price and also we round it all up for you in the pros and cons section so you can make an informed decision about your kitchen needs

The Gibson Large Kitchen set: basics and contents
Gibson is a very well known brand in terms of kitchenware and utensils. There are many sets of products that you can find on and they are very much well-reviewed. Yet this kitchen set is the largest kitchenware and utensils set they have. The contents of the set include:

  • 9.75-inch aluminum Frying pan
  • 6-piece stainless steel cookware set
  • 21 piece kitchen toolset
  • 16 piece flatware serving set
  • 13 piece cutlery set with a wooden block
  • 10 piece bowls of plastic storage
  • 16 piece dinnerware set

Other than the cooking appliances this set has literally every piece of utensils needed within the kitchen.

Distinguishing Features of the set
Vast coverage of needs
We might have mentioned that this set is quite large. So have the manufacturers apparently by naming it large literally. This covers cooking, food preparation, containers, cutlery, and even serveware. So it covers the most areas very well.

Number of items
One other thing to notice is that the number of items. There are 83 items of cookware and serve items! It basically covers most cooking and serving needs there is and constitutes of a large duration of service with this many items. Although the frying pan looks oddly out of place in all the gaggle of items.

Convenient pricing
Although it has a vast majority of items in its arsenal the whole set is quite conveniently priced. A whole set only priced at $65 currently. So it’s a fair bit of savings for a very low price tag. But one thing to note is that there might be issues with quality of some items due to the cheap price.

Pros and cons
Wide variety of items across all of the needs of the kitchen.
The number of items ensures a long use duration
There is also size variety within the sub branches of the set
Very conveniently priced

Some items might seem a bit redundant. You might not need the whole lot of items. The frying pan seems an odd fit in this set almost like its been mistakenly lapped into this
As it’s very cheap it takes a slight dive in quality as well. So if it’s almost standard quality of items in this set.

For someone who is looking for an overarching coverage of all necessary kitchen items this is the set for you. Although it has some quality issues and if you are budget shopping you might give that aspect a pass. So it’s definitely a convenient option for the budget shopper.

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