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Aicok Stainless Steel Bread Machine Review

by cookware Lab

When we talk about the family head we always refer to the person as ‘bread’ earner. So it’s easy to see that bread has been integrated into our life system. For breakfast, lunch and dinner bread can take care of our hunger. So bread is a very important part of your food budget. Buying bread has been conventional wisdom among many people. But preparing bread at home through making standards might be a very good option for your home economy.

So we come to the point now, what kind of gadget can help me make my bread at home. Technology has provided us answers through and through. The Bread Maker is a very good appliance for you to make your own bread at home. Now bread has varying sizes. For a wholesome sandwich, you need large slices among other things. There are many bread makers in the market. You need to focus your bread maker budget into buying the best possible machine that gives you the best functions and features. So today we will look at one such bread maker named Aicok Stainless Steel Bread Machine and look at its features, pros, and cons.


Programmable Bread
Bread might be needed for various uses. For each of these uses, you need special types of bread. Each bread recipe needs different types of temperature and setting to get the perfect results. Instead of tinkering away on the control panel the Aicock Bread machine gives you the option to program your bread. It has a total of 19 programs that adjust to make different types of bread. The types are Whole Wheat, Quick Bread, Gluten-Free, Jam, Yogurt, French, etc among others.

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Power and Capacity
The power and capacity of the bread maker are very efficient and potent for the bread-making process. The high speed of 140 RPM gives a maximum of 2 hours of baking time. The dough needs to be kneaded properly in a short matter of time. So the agitator makes sure of this function. There are detachable parts in the bread maker and this makes the bread-making less messy and easier to clean.

Intelligent features
There are a fruit and nut dispenser with intelligent features. It dispenses fruits, nuts and other ingredients in proper time. The ceramic pan keeps out other stuff out of it. So that your food has no pollutants in them. The stainless steel design helps you get great longevity from the bread maker

Long time warming functions
Warming and temperature is a vital part of bread making. There is a 15-hour delay, 1-hour automatic warming function as well as a 15-minute recovery option in case of power delay. These functions make sure that the bread keeps the proper temperature for proper baking procedures.

19 programs for different types of bread and recipes
Intelligent dispenser options
High power options and quick cooking time
Temperature controls

Not suitable for small-sized bread
Custom cooking options are limited

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