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IKICH Best Rated Prime Toaster review

by cookware Lab

Toast is a type of food that seems basic and without any glamour or being the main component of a very popular type of food. But it has been in our culture for a long time. Toast has been a quintessential part of our breakfast. Toast and bacon are synonymous with the most western breakfast items. There are also other items that require a good loaf of bread with a crunchy toast. Toast with jam and jelly is also very easy to make a snack. So our culture is ingrained with instances of toast being one of the staple foods of an important meal of the day.

Now if we are talking about toast we have to talk about toasters. A toaster is an important food preparation appliance. It is always talked about being one of the prime appliances within the kitchen. Now, most appliance giants have their special brand of toasters. Some actually focus on toasters as their main product line. So there are a lot of toasters you can find online. We are here to give you a streamlined view of one such toaster. This toaster is named IKICH Best Rated Prime Toaster. This toaster has quite a lot of attributes. You can read below to find distinguishing characteristics along with the pros & cons


Physical specs
The toaster is made with stainless steel. The stainless steel is very much a standard for durability. It also has two separate LCD screens that indicate the time of the toast. The screen also shows the degree of your toast so you can stop or keep up with the toasting process according to your preference. It also has space to store 4 slices of bread at once. So, you can get a lot of pieces of toast. This also means that you get a large number in a small-time because of these slots. There is a crumb tray beneath that holds the bread crumbs which you can remove and clean all the crumbs inside.

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Toasting variations
People have varying decisions. That also includes the type of toast they eat. Some want the toast to be very crunchy and of high temperature, while others just want to retain a certain softness. No matter what the type of toast you want, there are a total of 6 toasting or browning settings that you can use to make your toast your own amount of toasted. It also has variations for thin or thick slices of bread as well. You can also have 3 basic options of bagel, defrost and cancel with this toaster as well.

Ease and Reliability
The removable crumb tray has made it very easy to clean the appliance. It also has a flexible and long cord so you can move it around the kitchen if you wanted. The LCD screen makes it easy for you to see the elapsed time as well as the temperature. The 6 options are fairly easy to navigate on the control panel. There is also a 1 year extended warranty and this ensures great quality of the product.


  • Easy to use and easy process of control
  • Different temperature settings for different tastes
  • All sizes and types of toast are possible
  • LCD screens make it convenient to know heat settings


  • The toasting process needs constant attention
  • 1-year warranty may be tough to avail from some countries

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