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Marcato 8320 Atlas 150 Machine

by cookware Lab

Food is not and should not be limited by geographical boundaries. That is a sentiment that most foodies and practitioners share. Many dishes and recipes have crossed over across the continents and have found a sizeable audience among the international food lover populace. This crossing over has happened so much that entire food cultures have been appropriated overseas, and they practice making & eating food like this in their home country. The Chinese, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Indian, and other countries recipes, food culture has traveled far and wide. But Italian recipes are something else.

Italian recipes have traveled the most in regards to international coverage. Pizza has become the global fast-food across the globe. Also, other recipes have become household names. Pasta is one such recipe. Pasta, Maccaroni, Fettucini are some of the most popular variants of the same type of flour-based recipes. The craft and ingenuity of the international recipes have crossed over. Pasta makers are quite famous nowadays. So we bring you today the Marcato 8320 Atlas 150 Machine for your purchase option and choice.

Key Features

The pasta maker is a broad term for a machine like this. Under this, the machine does a whole sphere of pasta related variations. The cutter, hand crank, and other parts are aligned and have a design in such a way that you can create any shape of pasta. Currently, you can make Pasta, Fettucini, Lasagna to a significant effect. This means you can mix and match your recipes without worrying about the primary shape of the pasta type you want.

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The cutting and shaping of pasta have got a lot to with the power and machinery of the pasta maker. This maker from Marcato has the proper machinery in place. There is the Pasta Machine, Pasta Cutter, hand crank, clamp included. So it makes it easy to get great pasta and other variants. There is an instruction book added. You can use it to get instructions on getting the best results.Texture
A crucial part of making pasta is the type of surfaces every kind of pasta can get. Fettucini needs a kind of finish while Lasagna needs one texture. If this is mixed, then the taste will be compromised. But the Marcato Pasta makes sure that all different types of pasta can gain the texture correctly. You can roll dough of 150 MM thickness and have ten different thickness settings.


  • Good machinery
  • Great textures
  • A good number of Thickness settings
  • Many variations possible


  • Suitable for regular use
  • High Maintenance

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