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NuWave PerfectGreen 10 Pc Cookware Set Review

by cookware Lab

Today there’s an absolute myriad of different types and styles of cookware available to purchase, and when you’re looking for a new cookware set it can be daunting knowing exactly where to start.

When you purchase a new set you want something that is both long lasting and fits all the other requirements that you might have of your cookware good heat conduction, easy cleaning, environmentally safe etc. This is why you should look no further than this ten piece set from NuWave PerfectGreen 10 Cookware Set.

Feature of the NuWave PerfectGreen 10 Pc Cookware Set:  


This beautiful, shiny set of cookware is constructed of strong, top of the line surgical grade stainless steel which has been lined with NuWave’s Duralon®2 Ceramic Coating in a rich, gold tone, which provides a non-stick surface for use on gas, electric or induction cooktops. This coating does not contain any PFOA, PTFE or Cadmium which are environmentally harmful and not therefore anything you would want in contact with your food!

Each pot has it’s own lid which is a huge plus as there’s nothing worse than having four pots and only one or two lids, and all are vented and constructed of premium tempered glass. This is a beautiful looking set and it makes me glad that I have a hanging pot rack so everyone can see it!

What’s in the box?

This ten piece set comes complete with a 1.5-quart saucepan, a 2-quart Saucepan, a 3-quart Saucepan, a 5.5-quart Stock Pot and a 9-quart stock pot, each with it’s own individual lid. The smaller pans are perfect for cooking sauces, vegetables and puddings whilst the larger stock pots are wonderful for stews, chili’s, pasta dishes and can even be used for canning.

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Ease of use

The non-stick surface on this set is absolutely spectacular. I have spent far too much time in my life scrubbing pans, and I am glad to say that with this set, I no longer have to do so! Not only does the non-stick surface mean that to clean them all I have to do is wipe it with a soft cloth, but I no longer have to listen to my children complain when they’re doing the dishes! It also means that I can use a ridiculously small amount of oil whenever I cook. I’m always looking for ways to make our food healthier, and not having to add unnecessary oils to keep food from sticking is another huge plus in my book. It’s good for me and good for the environment, so that’s a win/win all round.

Additional features

Combined, the pots have a huge amount of capacity and I have never found myself short of cookware even when preparing huge holiday meals for the family. All the pans are induction ready and can go straight into the oven, with the pans being oven-safe for 450F and the lids to a lower 350F, which I find to be more that sufficient for my purposes.

The Low Down

Let’s get to the crunch here; what are the pros and cons of this set.


  • Great looking, quality construction.
  • Ceramic non-stick surface.
  • No toxic chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Oven-safe and compatible with gas, electric and induction stove tops.
  • Each pan has it’s own individual, vented lid.


  • The glass lid means a limited temperature tolerance when used in the oven.
  • The ceramic lining can be scratched with metal utensils, although this will not reduce the non-stick capabilities, it’s just unfortunate and you want to make sure you only use non-metal utensils.
  • Your friends will want to steal them!
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need to season these pans like I do my cast iron pans?

A: No, these pans require no treatment at all. A quick wash and they’re ready to use!

Q: How durable are these pans?

A: These are fabulous quality pans. They are made from durable surgical grade stainless steel and tempered glass and treated kindly they should last you a very long time!

Q: Are these pans dishwasher safe?

A: They are dishwasher safe, but it’s really not recommended. Personally, I see no need to waste dishwasher space when these pans almost clean themselves, it’s that easy!

Final Verdict

So, to wrap things up, this amazing cookware set is both environmentally friendly, built to last and insanely good looking! This set has made cooking even more enjoyable to me. In the past, there was always the looming prospect of clean up at the end of preparing a meal for the family, but since purchasing this set, clean-up is such a breeze that it doesn’t even cross my mind any longer.

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