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Best Rice Paddles – Guide and Guide

by cookware Lab

Rice is the staple for many family meals. It is cheap, versatile and goes with almost anything, hence its popularity. If you love to cook rice, then you will know the importance of a reliable and efficient rice paddle. The best rice paddles are non stick, easy to use and practical accessories in the kitchen. They should make the process of cooking rice that little bit easier.

Best Rice Paddles:

Below we have reviewed 5 of the best rice paddles that are on the market.


Joyce Chen 30-0031, Nonstick 7-5/8-Inch Rice Paddle

best rice paddlesThis large and almost translucent rice paddle can be used with any type of rice. It is particularly useful for when cooking ‘sticky rice’ as the rice will not stick to it. The paddle is safe to use on a variety of cookware surfaces including non stick. It will not stick or scratch the surface. This paddle means no more scraping rice off a serving spoon or from the bottom of your pan. It is easy to use, comfortable to hold and easy to clean as dishwasher safe.

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Some of its features included

* Can be used with non stick rice pots

* Easy to hold and use

* Perfect for sticky rice

* Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

* Made of string and durable material

Sushi Oke Wooden Hangiri Bamboo Mat Rice Paddle

best rice paddlesThis versatile rice paddle set is made from durable bamboo. Ideal for making sushi, the rice paddies and bowl have been specifically designed for rice not to stick to them. The rice paddies are easy to grip and are perfectly sized for the role of making sushi. The rice paddles and bamboo mat should be cleaned quickly after use with warm soapy water, but they are very quick and easy to clean. The set is ideal for 3 to 4 people to use and will look incredibly attractive when placed onto your dinning table.


Some of its features included

* 3 X rice paddies made from bamboo

* Bamboo serving bowl included

* Will serve up to 4 people

* Includes a bamboo mat

* Ideal for making sushi

3 Squares PADDL3 Silicone Rice Paddle, Serving Spoon and Spatula

best rice paddlesThis fun green rice paddle will look the part in any kitchen. It is multifunctional as can be used as a serving spoon when rice is cooked, as well as functioning as a paddle during the cooking process. It easily scoops, flips and stirs rice without it sticking to the paddle. The silicone coating helps to prevent rice sticking as well as helping to make it easy to clean. The rice paddle will not scratch cookware and will help to prevent rice from sticking to the base. The rice paddle is also dishwasher safe.

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Some of its features included

* Covered with a silicone coating

* Designed to work both as a spatula and serving spoon

* Comfortable to hold, use and easy grip

* Suitable for use on non stick surfaces

* Easy to clean as dishwasher safe

Extra Large Plastic Rice Paddle

best rice paddlesThis rice paddle is very large and is best suited for when making large quantities of rice. It is easy to hold, manipulate and will stay cool to the touch on a hot stove. It is made from durable plastic and will not scratch delicate surfaces. It is perfect when you need to scoop large quantities of rice, as it makes easy work when having to serve rice to a large number of people. It is also extremely easy to clean.



Some of its features included

* Large paddle ideal for commercial use

* Paddle measures 15 inches by 4 inches

* Perfect for scooping large quantities of rice

* Made from durable plastic

* Easy to hold and stays cool on the stove

Joyce Chen 30-0031, Nonstick 7-5/8-Inch Rice Paddle, White PackageQuantity: 1 Model: 30-0031 (Home & Kitchen)

best rice paddlesThis attractive rice paddle is made in a neutral white color. It is easy to grip and feels sturdy when used to stir and scoop rice. It is made from material that will not scratch cookware surfaces, even if they are non stick. Rice will not stick to the paddle and it prevents rice from sticking to the base of the pan. It is easy to clean after use and is dishwasher safe. This rice paddle is also perfect when cooking sticky rice such as sushi.

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Some of its features included

* Will not scratch non stick surfaces

* Dishwasher safe

* Easy grip and soft to the touch

* Ideal for cooking sticky rice

* Durable and sturdy to use

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