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CeraStone PFS1023 Ceramic Cookware Set Review

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ceraStone pfs1023 ceramic cookware

One of the basics that every kitchen needs is a cookware set in which to prepare and cook your meals. If you have an induction hob, your choice of cookware can be a little limited. Luckily the 10 piece cookware set by CeraStone is suitable for use on induction hobs. Another huge bonus is that the cookware is also nonstick.

CeraStone is relatively new to the cookware market, but it’s innovative ceramic surface made with diamond technology is sure to be popular with consumers. Below we offer our CeraStone PFS1023 Ceramic Cookware Set Review.

Features of the CeraStone PFS1023 Ceramic Cookware Set :

The following are the most features and specifications of CeraStone PFS1023 Pressure Forged 10-Piece Ceramic Non Stick Cookware Set.

Aluminium with ceramic inner coating

This nonstick cookware is made from thin aluminium. The two fry pans have a 4mm thickness while the four sauté pans have a 5mm thickness. The reason that the aluminium is so incredibly thin, is to heat up food quickly. The inside of each pan is coated with a thin layer of ceramic, so food does not come into contact directly with the aluminium. The set is also PTFE and PFOA free, so is non toxic and will not tarnish food. The ceramic inner layer will also not scratch or mark easily.

Bakelite handles

All of the cookware features Bakelite handles. The largest sauté pan has two handles. Instead of the usual riveting that many handles have today, the handles on this set are incredibly smooth with a high paint polish finish. There are no crevices, which mean that food will not become wedged in the handle. Although smooth, the handles are very easy to grip and to stay cool to the touch when placed on the cooker top. They are also very easy to keep clean.

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Non toxic easy clean

This cookware set is PTFE and PFOA free. This means that cooking your food is incredibly safe as it does not come into contact with any toxins. As the inner coating is made from ceramic, the food makes contact with this surface and not the aluminium base. The pots and pans are also incredibly easy to keep clean. They are very easily washed with soapy water, or alternatively placed into the dishwasher.


This cookware set has a ceramic inner that is nonstick. Therefore when cooking you need very little or no oil in which to cook as food will cook naturally in their own fat and juices. This means that cooking the nonstick way is much healthier for your general health. The induction bottom of these pans also means that you can cook at a much lower temperature and your food will cook a lot quicker as heat is distributed evenly around the entire pan.

Glass tempered lids

The 10 piece cookware set comprises of 6 different sized sauté and fry pans plus 4 pan lids. The lids also range in a variety of sizes. They are made from tempered glass so are incredibly safe and strong. Being glass, they enable you to observe your food while cooking. Each lid also has a steam vent to optimize your cooking experience. Once your food has reached its optimum temperature you can then close the vent for your food to cook at the desired temperature. All lids fit securely onto their corresponding pot or pan.

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  • Safe to use as PTFE and PFOA free
  • Beautiful red color
  • Heats food quickly
  • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Healthy nonstick cooking
  • Cooks food quickly and evenly


  • The glass lid on the largest sauté pot does not fit fit the large fry pan.
  • Some people may be put off by the bright red color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Is the cookware really safe for induction cooking?

A.  Yes, this cookware can be used on induction hobs and all other types of cooker.

Q.  Can the glass lids be placed into the dishwasher?

A.  Yes they can. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Final verdict

This 10 piece aluminium cookware set by CeraStone, features all of the basic cookware that you will ever need at home. Combining nonstick technology with an induction base, this cookware is aimed towards ease of use plus quick and healthy cooking. With its easy to use handles, glass tempered lids and quick clean up, it really is good value for money.

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