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NerdChef Steel Stone – High-Performance Baking Surface for Pizza

by cookware Lab

We like fast food. There are many types of fast food dishes that relieves our appetite quite well. Many fast foods are popular in our society. Burgers, pasta, hot dogs are some of them. But the one I excluded is the most famous fast food in the current era. That fast food is Pizza. Pizza has been popular in popular culture for more than three decades. Originally an Italian Recipe, Pizza found an audience all over the world. Now you would find Pizzas even in the most distant of countries. There are many flavors and many types of Pizza. Our interest and fascination with Pizzas have also made a lot of us interested in making pizzas in our home.

If you have ingredients, an oven, and a good recipe book, you are good to go in terms of making the Pizza. But some special parts of the Pizza making are distinct from other preparations. Pizza has a definite size and dimension. If you want to get get the perfect size and shape, there needs to be a certain surface on which you can get the proper size and dimension. There are many surface stones which are used by pizza parlors. But there are also ones that you can use at home. Today we are going to discuss one like this. Its name is NerdChef Steel Stone. We will look at the features, pros, and cons.

Key Feature

The Pizza stone surface you use has to do a couple of actions. It not only gets the ingredients and the Pizza flattened and into a proper dimension, but also there is a lot to do regarding temperature. The degree of temperature The NerdChef stone lets the pizza conduct heat 20 times faster. You can get great crust textures with the heat that is transmitted through the pizza stone.

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The performance of this pizza stone is very much satisfactory. The amount of heat this stone can preserve and transmit helps the Pizza gain rich flavors. The crusts are beautiful, and the cooking time is faster. You can also achieve proper blistering with the Nerdchef Pizza Stone. So you can achieve a whole array of pizza types with this pizza stone.

Build & Texture
The build of the pizza stone also factors into the performance and quality of the Pizza. The Nerdchef pizza stone has a smooth, low-friction, and textured surface. So the Pizza is laid out quite well onto the pizza stone. This enables Pizza to get the proper size and breadth. The build is solid. It is made of solid steel and can absorb most heat temperature.


  • Good build
  • Solid material
  • Heat conducive
  • Great crusts


  • Might not be effective for seldom use
  • Usage has a learning curve

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